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Please note this is the last bidding cycle on properties advertised within the St Albans district. There will be no properties advertised in next week’s bidding cycle.

As from Friday 2nd August all applicants for properties in the St Albans district will be advertised via the www.stalbanshomechoice.co.uk

You will need to have a live housing application in order for you to place bids. The number of bids you are able to place each will not be restricted.

If you have any enquiries please email stalbans.homechoice@stalbans.gov.uk

Welcome to Herts Choice Homes

Herts Choice Homes is a choice based lettings scheme for council and housing association homes across authorities in Hertfordshire. They are: Hertsmere Borough Council, St Albans City and District Council, and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

Herts Choice Homes does not increase the number of affordable homes for rent, but aims to give you more choice about where you live.

You can use Herts Choice Homes if you are an existing tenant seeking a transfer, if you are a homeseeker already on the Housing Register (waiting list) or if you are applying for the first time. To apply for housing click on the Register tab on the left hand side.

For more information click on the Scheme Guide tab on the left.

Please note that the Herts Choice Homes public website is not supported by smart phone or tablet web browsers, and a bid made in this way may not be correctly registered. If you wish to make a web bid, please ensure you do this using a computer or laptop.

Further information on alternative methods to bid can be found here