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Important changes to the Watford Borough Council Housing Nominations Policy

Watford Borough Council is changing its Housing Nomination Policy. These changes will mean restrictions around who qualifies to join our housing register and how we prioritise applications for housing in Watford.

The new policy will be implemented in spring 2015 and will affect existing and new applications. Existing applicants can continue to bid for properties advertised through Herts Choice Homes in the normal way for the current time.

Letters will be sent in November to everyone on the register providing information on the next steps.

More information is available from:

Important Notice for Watford Borough Council Applicants

Please ensure that your employment details are correct on your Housing Register Application with Watford Borough Council. If your details are not up to date you could miss out on offers of housing.

If your circumstances have changed please contact Watford Borough council on 01923 226400 and speak Samantha Paisley or Jackie Creary in the Homeless Prevention and Advice Team.

Households applying to Welwyn Hatfield Housing Register

There is a known error when applying to Welwyn Hatfield. If you are living in unsecure accommodation such as with parents or as a lodger with a resident landlord you will be unable to apply online.

Therefore please contact Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust on 01707 357613

Welwyn Hatfield New Development in Essendon

New Development in Essendon near Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City coming in 2015.

A small development in the beautiful village of Essendon consisting of 1 two bedroom house and 2 three bedroom houses at affordable rent and 2 two bedroom shared ownership houses.

These properties will be subject to a rural exception site Local Lettings Policy. Further information can be found here

Cross-Partner Properties

Numerous changes to Housing law and the Herts Choice Homes Councils’ policies have taken place since the scheme was set up over five years ago.

As a result, it is no longer possible to operate the ‘Cross-Partner’ facility in the same way. With effect from 7th March, the only properties advertised in this section will be those for which each council wishes to widen the number of people eligible to bid.

This will effectively restrict those being advertised to homes designated for elderly people and those adapted for use by disabled people. It is most unlikely that any ‘general needs’ family homes will be included in the future.

This does not affect the total number of properties being advertised. If you require any further information, please contact the Council with which you are registered.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has reviewed the type of tenancies it offers

What tenancies will we offer new tenants?

From November 18th 2013 most new council tenants will be granted a five-year flexible tenancy.

However some tenants will continue to be granted a secure council tenancy. A secure council tenancy will be granted where the property into which they are moving is sheltered accommodation or other accommodation which has been specially designed or adapted to meet a households member’s needs, for example a long-term disability.

Tenants will be notified in writing by us of the type of tenancy which they will be given.

Bidding Tip

Please remember to look carefully at the number of people for whom a property is suited.

In addition to the number of bedrooms, one of the symbols shows how many people it will accommodate.

For example, a 3 bedroom house may show that it is suitable for 3 – 5 people. This means that a maximum of 5 people may live there as it has two double bedrooms and one single.

A three bedroom house for a maximum of 7 people will have three doubles and a dining room which may be used as a fourth bedroom.

So, to avoid disappointment, take full account of your own family size before registering a bid.

Your Housing Options

If you are a new user of this website and are seeking to apply to the housing register, please click on the ‘Register’ button on the left of this page. The first step in the process is to complete a brief questionnaire which will identify the most suitable housing options for you.

For existing scheme members, you should also benefit from completing the questionnaire. This will identify the most appropriate alternatives to Social Housing for you and present these in a personalised Action Plan. The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking the ‘Register’ button on the left of this page but, as you are already a scheme member, there is no need to go on to complete the application for registration.

Housing Allocations Policies

Hertsmere Borough Council

St Albans District Council

Three Rivers District Council

Watford Borough Council

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Free services available

Free energy efficiency check to help improve heating and reduce bills click here for more detail.

Click here to view Keep Warm Stay Well leaflet.

Tenants Information

Council and Housing Association Tenants Click here for more help with exchanging your home.

Free Advice Service

A new information service website has recently been launched called My Advice Gateway. The service is for you if you need information about job or training opportunities, claiming benefits or accessing help and support from other services. Click on the MyAdviceGateway image below to access this important and free service.

Herts Choice Homes (HCH)

Herts Choice Homes is a choice based lettings scheme for council and housing association homes across 5 authorities in Hertfordshire. They are: Hertsmere Borough Council, St Albans City and District Council, Three Rivers District Council, Watford Borough Council and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

Herts Choice Homes does not increase the number of affordable homes for rent, but aims to give you more choice about where you live.

You can use Herts Choice Homes if you are an existing tenant seeking a transfer, if you are a homeseeker already on the Housing Register (waiting list) or if you are applying for the first time.

Every week council and housing association properties are advertised on this website. You can search to see if there are any you wish to be considered for. When you find a property you like you need to express an interest in it by making a ‘bid’. There is no money involved though!

You can bid for properties in several ways. Bid online, by telephone, by text message, or in person. To bid online you will need to log on with your Herts Choice Homes number and date of birth. If you are already registered with us for housing you should have your HCH number. If not, we will write to you with your number when you apply.

Follow the link 'Herts Choice Homes Scheme User Guide' on the left for more information or contact your local council or housing association.

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