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Options for older people

As we get older our housing needs change and we often need to reconsider where and how we live to ensure a secure retirement.

Why move?

• Your current house or flat may no longer be suitable because of stairs, layout or location.
• As children and family move away to form their own households, you may no longer be able to cope or want to deal with a property that is too large or expensive.
• You may be interested in sharing companionship and/or social activities with people of a similar age.
• You may wish to have the security of having someone to look out for you and be in a safe and secure environment.
• You may be entitled to a financial incentive from your landlord should you be giving up family sized social housing.

Sheltered Housing Schemes

Sheltered housing schemes are unfurnished properties specially built or adapted to meet the needs of older or disabled people. The schemes often have an on-site or on-call manager who can offer support and assistance to residents during office hours. Some schemes have 24 hour emergency alarm systems.

Sheltered Housing Schemes are not care homes. They are for people who can live independently but who would benefit from having someone around to provide some additional support when needed.

Eligibility for Sheltered Housing Schemes

Most schemes are open to applicants over 60 years of age with a housing support need or couples where one of the joint applicants is at least 60 and the partner is 55 or over. However some schemes currently consider applicants who are younger with a medical or physical issue or a learning difficulty.

How to apply

You need to apply to join the Housing Needs Register of the council with whom you wish to be housed. See our contact page for details of your local council.

"Alternatively, you may wish to register directly with individual Housing Associations some of whom maintain their own waiting lists for some Sheltered schemes."