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Mutual Exchanges

Mutual Exchange is where you swap tenancies with another council or housing association tenant. You need to apply to your landlord to join the mutual exchange register and then search for another tenant to exchange homes with. If you find someone to swap with, you will need your landlord’s permission for the exchange to go ahead.

How do I find someone to exchange with?

There are various ways to find someone to exchange with:

• Word of mouth.
• Placing an advert in the window of your newsagents.
• Looking at lists held by your landlord (not all landlords
hold a list).

You can also find exchanges through a scheme called Homeswapper. This scheme is free to use if your landlord is registered with the scheme. By joining the scheme you can add your details and also search for people who may want to swap with you. If your landlord is not a member of Homeswapper you can apply to join the scheme directly for a small charge.

You can find out more information about Homeswapper on their website www.homeswapper.co.uk

Why consider Mutual Exchange?

• Mutual Exchange is a popular option for those with a low housing need. By finding someone to swap with you may be
able to move more quickly than you would by remaining on the Housing Needs Register.
• You can mutually exchange with Council and Housing Association Tenants across the country.
• You can exchange to a property with a spare bedroom, larger than that the Council would offer to you.

Contact your local council for more information about mutual exchange.